• Electric Vehicles – Next Pledge

    World's Largest Battery and Rapid-Charge Network Launches to Accelerate EV Adoption - By Lorraine Chow - May 2018 London-based Pivot Power unveiled plans to build the world's first national network of grid-scale batteries and rapid-charge stations across the UK to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption and to usher in low-carbon transport. The ambitious £1.6 billion ($2.1 billion) initiative consists of 50-megawatt batteries constructed at 45 sites around the country and located near towns ...

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  • Our Environmental Legacy

    From CJ's Street Report - modified On March 23, 2017, Mary GUTIERREZ, head of the local branches of Earth Ethics and Earth Action, hosted a community meeting on Northwest Florida's environmental legacy, with a look backwards and to current problems. Additional speakers were Dr. Jackie LANE, co-founder of the Friends of Perdido Bay and author of Perdido Bay Blues: The Struggle to Save Perdido Bay Black & White Edition; Dr. Gloria HORNING, Social Justice Advocate; ...

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