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  • Electric Vehicles – Next Pledge

    Electric Car Sales Surge 63% Globally - EcoWatch - November 2017 Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain momentum on the world market. Global sales of electric and hybrid cars are 63 percent higher than the same quarter last year, and up 23 percent from the second quarter, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report. China is the top market for EVs, accounting for ...

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  • Florida Conservation Coalition

    Earth Ethics is now an affiliate of the Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC). Being an affiliate means that our organization agrees and supports the FCC's mission. To learn more about FCC visit, To learn about Earth Ethics and Earth Action, visit Right now, FCC and their affiliates are trying to rally folks to attend local legislative meetings are hosting and share our message. We want the Legislature to allocate the largest share of Amendment One ...

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  • Our Environmental Legacy

    From CJ's Street Report - modified On March 23, 2017, Mary GUTIERREZ, head of the local branches of Earth Ethics and Earth Action, hosted a community meeting on Northwest Florida's environmental legacy, with a look backwards and to current problems. Additional speakers were Dr. Jackie LANE, co-founder of the Friends of Perdido Bay and author of Perdido Bay Blues: The Struggle to Save Perdido Bay Black & White Edition; Dr. Gloria HORNING, Social Justice Advocate; ...

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  • A Letter to Our President

    On Thursday, January 5th, Earth Action on behalf of Another Gulf is Possible, submitted the attached letter to President Obama in hope of him taking his last possible action before January 20th. In short, we are requesting that the Eastern Planning Area, which is currently moratorium until 2022, be placed in permanent protection from oil and gas exploration and drilling. Please see the links below to read a copy of the letter and see the press ...

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  • Dakota Access Pipeline Great coverage from WKRG on the Pensacola Stand in Solidarity event held on November 15th. Update on Dakota Access Pipeline. In Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Court Finds That Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline Violated the Law Ruling: Trump administration shortcut environmental review; court seeks additional briefing on whether to shut down pipeline Washington, D.C. – The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe won a significant victory today in its fight to protect the Tribe’s drinking water and ancestral ...

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  • 2016 Year in Review Newsletter


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  • Climate Change and Paris

    November 2015 We have a moral and ethical obligation to address climate change. There are real consequences, and there is real suffering. We have an obligation to other human beings, to other species, and to the Earth itself to change our actions so we can minimize, alleviate, and hopefully eliminate the worst of the effects of climate change. The terrorist attacks on Paris were devastating. In the end, however, the attacks reinforced my belief that we should ...

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  • Plastic Campaign

    Legislative Update Last session we were not successful in getting legislation passed, which would have given local governments the ability to protect their communities from the harmful impact of single use plastics, there are several communities acting on their own, including Coral Gables. We are gearing up for the 2018 session that starts in January! We will also be hosting several outreach and education events. Get involved! Check out our community calendar for event dates. To date, 27 municipalities ...

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  • Connecting the Dots: Community Outreach

    Pensacola has had the unfortunate history of racial, gender, social, economic, and environmental inequalities, but WE have the power to change this now and for our future. Why Connecting the Dots? ~To better understand community needs and concerns ~ To identify solutions to address these needs and concerns ~ To empower individuals to become engaged and involved ~ To work collaboratively to implement change within ourselves and within our community. Our first Connecting the Dots conversation was ...

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  • RESTORE Escambia

    Restoring Escambia County Sometimes from a great tragedy comes the opportunity for rebirth, allowing us the ability to start over. The tragedy I’m referring to is the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill that took the lives of 11 individuals and caused such environmental damage and degradation that we will probably never be able to accurately quantify it all. However, it is because of this tragedy we have been handed the opportunity to transform ourselves as a community.   Like ...

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