Many current political statutes and regulation do not promote a necessary concern for our environment. The environment is often only seen as a commodity and is exploited for human use. As a 501 c4 nonprofit organization, Earth Action takes a greater approach in implementing Earth Ethics mission by involving ourselves in advocacy, lobbying, and political activity. With Earth Action we strive to change current political regulations and push for policies that take into consideration the welfare and safety of the environment.

Due to our current workload, we are unable to continuously post our ongoing actions. If you are interested in learning more about Earth Action campaigns, email or like our Facebook page at


Florida Rights of Nature

Earth Action is part of a statewide initiative encouraging language that would give nature resources rights. Join us for our 2024 campaign, kicking off in February 2022, where we will start gathering signatures for our new Right to Clean and Healthy Waterways Amendment.

In the News – Rights of Nature won a significant victory when Ecuador’s Supreme Court ruled that mining in a protected forest is unconstitutional because it violates the Rights of Nature as articulated in Ecuador’s constitution. Read CDER’s press release. There are five more Rights of Nature enforcement cases in the pipeline, and with each case and each victory, the global movement grows and indirectly bolsters our efforts in Florida.

Stop the Money Pipeline

The financial sector is funding, insuring, and investing in the climate crisis. Stopping this money pipeline is one of the most important ways we can address the climate emergency. The Stop the Money Pipeline coalition is over 130 organizations strong. Together we are holding the financial backers of climate chaos accountable. Earth Action is part of a national collaborative to address the issues associated with these concerns. Visit to learn more.

Build Back Fossil Free

Fossil fuel pollution and climate disasters are already disrupting millions of lives. We deserve a world beyond fossil fuels: a world in which workers’ rights, community health, and our shared climate come before corporate profits. That’s why we — hundreds of groups representing millions of people across the country fighting for climate, racial, and economic justice — are coming together to ensure Biden becomes the climate president he promised to be. Earth Action is part of this national collaborative to ensure we build back fossil free. Learn more at #BuildBackFossilFree

Defend the Gulf

Made up of individuals and organizations based in the Gulf South and Global South, this collaborative works to protect communities and the Gulf of Mexico from harm. We are standing up against petrochemical facilities, oil and gas exploration and drilling, plastic manufacturing, and other industries that do us harm. Learn more at Defend the Gulf.


Oil and Gas Exploratory and Drilling Applications

Earth Action is working hard to provide comments in opposition to numerous existing permit applications for Oil and Gas exploration and drilling in Northwest Florida. Unfortunately, the Florida Department extended yet another drilling permit in Santa Rosa County as well as the issuing of permits. See below.

  • Oil and Gas Operating Permit for the Pitnic Well 16-3 (FDEP Permit #1382) in Santa Rosa County, FL. Issued November 4th.
  • Extension of one-year of Drilling Permit 1013A for the sidetrack project Jay Field/D.M. Simmons Well 19-6A issued October 5th.
  • One-year extensions of the following Drilling Permits for projects in Jay Field, Santa Rosa County: Permit 1371 – Hendricks Well 19-12; Permit 1385 – Boutwell Well 22-5; Permit 1386 – Smith Well 31-2B; and Permit 1387 – Boutwell Well 22-6 issued August 13th

Visit  to learn about all the current applications and permits.