Earth Action

Earth Action is the legislative and educational arm of Earth Ethics. Earth Action, is a 501 (c) (4) organization.

Climate Change

Earth Action is working with numerous regional, national, and global organizations on the issue of climate change, including sea level rise, storm water, food security and numerous other climate change related issues. We are working for legislative change as well as the implementation of programs to address these issues.

A Letter to the “Big Greens”

Sick and tired of being used by organizations to benefit their own agendas, a collaborative of grassroot regional environmental groups drafted and supported this letter. We’ve been heard.

Just Transition

Earth Action is working with numerous organizations and individuals along the Gulf of Mexico to move our communities into alternative energy sources. We have started work on a toolkit that would provide communities with the information they need to build community campaigns and transition to sustainable, renewable energy sources.

No New Leases (Keep It In The Ground)

Earth Action is working with numerous organizations and individuals along the Gulf of Mexico in letter writing campaigns, direct action, and meetings with legislators to ensure that additional leases are not opened sold within the Gulf of Mexico. We are also working with Senator Nelson’s office to ensure the existing moratorium (no drilling in the eastern planning area) is extended from 2022 to 2027.

Sabal Trail Pipeline

The Sabal Trail is a natural gas pipeline that runs 515 miles through the states of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. The environmental impacts associated with this project is immense. But there aren’t just environmental impacts associated with this project, there’s nonhuman species and public health impacts as well. As Floridians, we know the uniqueness and beauty of our natural resources, this is why so many of us have chosen to live here, right? Well this project has the potential to impact thousands of acres of wetlands, our surface waters, springs, rivers, and drinking water supply. The risks outweighs any benefit they might be selling. And who are they? Duke Energy and Florida Power and Light. For more details.  check out the blog below.

Guest blog for outreach from Mary:

Sierra Club challenges Sabal Trail Okeechobee pipeline extension – September 2017

Sierra Club challenges Sabal Trail Okeechobee pipeline extension

Federal court rejects Sabal Trail pipeline approval, orders environmental review – August 2017

Florida’s Sabal Trail pipeline and associated natural gas pipeline projects begin service – July 2017

Environmental Justice 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Interior (DOI) have released its draft Environmental Justice 5-year plan. Earth Ethics/Action and Steps Coalition have drafted comments with regards to the DOI plan.  DOI  EJ Comments.


We are prepared for the upcoming 2018 legislative session, which begins January 9th. We feel confident that this is the year that we will succeed in getting a statewide ban on fracking. On October 10th, Senator Dana Young (R, Tampa) and Representative Kathleen Peters (R, St. Petersburg) debut the 2017 fracking ban bills (Senate Bill 462 and House Bill 237). They were joined by colleagues from both sides of the aisle who reiterated their dedication to a ban in 2018. You can watch a recording of several press conference speakers on the Floridians Against Fracking Facebook page, linked here at

Members of Floridians against Fracking (of which Earth Ethics is a member) have increased the level of education and momentum associated with the hazards of fracking whether it’s environmental, public health, or property rights. Earth Ethics is working on several educational forums this summer along the Gulf Coast. Contact me if you want to help with these efforts!

Jim Tatum: It’s time to boot fracking from Florida for good

Solar United Neighbors of Florida

If you’re interested in being on the Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties Pensacola Bay Area Solar Energy Steering Committee or part of Okaloosa and Walton Counties Choctawhatchee Bay Area Solar Energy Steering Committee, please contact Mary Gutierrez at 850.549.7472 (text) or

The groups will do outreach and education on the economic and environmental benefits of going solar as well as speaking local government officials.

We have a lot to do before our launch in March 2018! Join us turning the Sunshine State into the SOLAR state!

Gulf South Rising

Gulf South Rising was a regional movement of coordinated actions and events to highlight the impact of the global climate crisis on the Gulf South region. Through collaborative events and actions around strategic dates in 2015, Gulf South Rising demanded a just transition away from extractive industries, discriminatory policies, and unjust practices that hinder equitable recovery from disaster and impede the development of sustainable communities. Earth Action was honored to be part of this group. A full report can be found here gulf-south-rising-report-final.

Santa Rosa Shores Dredging Project

The project includes the proposed dredging associated with Santa Rosa Shores canal, which would allow the applicant to dredge three access channels within the existing canal system to a depth of -5 feet.  In addition, the project proposes the removal of 11, 677 cubic yards of material and 3.36 acres of removal of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV).

Earth Action supports and promotes an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest.  According to 18-21.004 (1) (a) Management Policies, Standards, and Criteria (1)(a) ….all activities on sovereignty lands must not be contrary to the public interest…. As defined in 18-21.003 (51), “Public interest” means demonstrable environmental, social, and economic benefits which would accrue to the public at large as a result of a proposed action, and which would clearly exceed all demonstrable environmental, social, and economic costs of the proposed action….

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has issued a permit. A copy can be found at:

Update as of October 15, 2017: The public comment period for the US Army Corps of Engineers has opened and closed for this project. The project is being reviewed along with the comments. The Corps will make a decision prior to the end of the year as whether the permit will be issued or not.