Dakota Access Pipeline  (posted October 15, 2017)

North Dakota Access Pipeline Demonstration Held in Pensacola

OCTOBER 11, 2017

THE FEDERAL COURT overseeing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s lawsuit over the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) today ruled that the pipeline can continue operations while a new environmental review is underway. Go to this link to get an explanation of what happened:


Santa Rosa Shores Dredging Project

The project includes the proposed dredging associated with Santa Rosa Shores canal, which would allow the applicant to dredge three access channels within the existing canal system to a depth of -5 feet.  In addition, the project proposes the removal of 11, 677 cubic yards of material and 3.36 acres of removal of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV).

Earth Action supports and promotes an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest.  According to 18-21.004 (1) (a) Management Policies, Standards, and Criteria (1)(a) ….all activities on sovereignty lands must not be contrary to the public interest…. As defined in 18-21.003 (51), “Public interest” means demonstrable environmental, social, and economic benefits which would accrue to the public at large as a result of a proposed action, and which would clearly exceed all demonstrable environmental, social, and economic costs of the proposed action….

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has issued a permit. A copy can be found at:

Update as of October 15, 2017: The public comment period for the US Army Corps of Engineers has opened and closed for this project. The project is being reviewed along with the comments.