helping_hand Climate Change, Climate Justice

The Itom Ae Principle

The short-term goal of the Itom Ae Principle is to educate the general public, businesses, and organizations on the environmental and economic benefits of energy conservation in order to combat the issues of climate change at a local level.

The long-term goal is to transition off the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources through the elimination of coal-fired power plants and creation of solar/wind farms; to transition coal and power plant workers to the renewable energy job market, and to address the impacts of sea-level rise through the implementation of green infrastructure.

Our coalition works to educate and encourage local municipalities to pass local ordinances/resolutions addressing a declaration of a climate emergency and the rights of nature bill of rights. The rights of nature bill of rights campaign initiative include a referendum being placed on our local ballot through the gathering of petitions.

As part of our “Fighting climate change by planting one tree at a time” campaign, we work with the local school district and City’s Parks and Recreation Department planting trees in city parks. Students from nearby schools are engaged in the process.

We are part of the Plastic Pollution Coalition. We have a strong plastic-free program that has spurred the elimination of plastic straw use and the reduction of single-use plastic bags and bottles. The use of plastics is a contributor to the climate change emergency because it is estimated that about 12 million barrels of oil a year are used in making of just plastic bags (manufactured from feedstock) with an average American throwing away about 10 bags a week.

We are actively engaged with the general public, government, businesses, environmental organizations, marginalized and LGBTTQQIAAP communities, youth groups, agriculture, and faith-based groups.

Carbon Free Living

Did you know that according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. electrical generation by solar is up by 30% compared to last year. Compared to the first nine months of 2017, solar expanded by 30.3% and wind grew by 14.5%. This gain continues to close the gap between renewables and coal, with coal use dropping by 5.4%. Coal now provides 27% of electrical generation compared to 30% a year ago and 48% a decade ago. Let’s continue to bring this number down. Solar United Neighbors and the League of Women Voters with partners such as Earth Ethics bring communities together into a co-op to leverage bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing and quality installation of solar panels. To date, 40 solar co-ops have been implemented in Florida, helping 1,250 homeowners go solar across the State, resulting in $22.3 million of economic investment and creating 302 jobs.

The Coalition for Community Solar Access, a national coalition of businesses and nonprofits working to expand community solar, has launched a new job portal. The portal, featuring job openings from companies across the country, offers job seekers a single destination to find opportunities in solar. According to the Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census, the United States has 242,343 solar workers. Solar jobs increased in 29 states in 2018, including many states with emerging solar markets. States with the highest employment gains include Florida, Illinois, Texas, and New York State. We can support the solar industry and community by going solar! Some homeowners’ benefits of going solar include a 30% federal tax credit, a drastic reduction in your electric bill, increased property values, and your role in reducing fossil fuel use and protecting the environment.

Gulf South Rising

Gulf South Rising was a regional movement of coordinated actions and events to highlight the impact of the global climate crisis on the Gulf South region. Through collaborative events and actions around strategic dates in 2015, Gulf South Rising demanded a just transition away from extractive industries, discriminatory policies, and unjust practices that hinder equitable recovery from disaster and impede the development of sustainable communities. Earth Action was honored to be part of this group. A full report can be found here gulf-south-rising-report-final.

U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris

Earth Ethics, Inc. Executive Director traveled to Paris in 2015 to be part of the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris. She was able to meet with people from other States and Nations in discussions on how we can all become actively engaged in addressing climate change locally and globally. This work is ongoing.

Earth Action is working with numerous regional, national, and global organizations on the issue of climate change, including sea-level rise, stormwater, food security, and numerous other climate change-related issues. We are working for legislative change as well as the implementation of programs to address these issues.

Sign our petitions to Declare a Climate State of Emergency and to encourage Gulf Coast Weather Stations to incorporate Climate Change in their weather forecasting.