Earth Ethics

Earth Ethics recognizes the surrounding environment and other species as family. Therefore, the natural environment is held in the highest regard and with great respect. We encourage others to include actions that reflect this philosophy. As a 501 c3 nonprofit organization we spread the practice of Earth Ethics on a community level by education, outreach, and promoting environmental improvement. It is our hope to improve the quality of interaction between humans and their surrounding environment through these efforts.

Earth Ethics Environmental Education Series

We host a monthly meeting every 2nd Monday of the month beginning at 6 p.m. Events are held at Ever’mans Education Center located at 315 W. Garden St. Pensacola, Fl 32502. The doors open at 5:45 p.m. The meeting are varied and include guest speakers or film viewings. All events are added to our calendar. Join us!

Florida Rights of Nature

Earth Ethics is part of a statewide initiative encouraging language that would give our nature resources the same rights as we have as humans. The effort is to legally declare that rivers, lakes, forests, estuaries, reefs, or other natural features may have inherent rights against degradation, which can be defended in court, much as corporations have been found to possess inherent rights. This initiative has been implemented in  various other parts of the United States as well as other countries.

We are seeking the Pensacola Bay Area Watershed. The Pensacola Bay Area Bill of Rights can be implemented through a charter amendment, constitutional amendment, or ordinance.

One of the Rights of Nature’s partners, Tree Media, has put together a PSA. Please watch and share.

Plastic Pollution Campaign

Earth Ethics is now a part of the plastic pollution coalition!  If you are unfamiliar with the coalition, “Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) is a growing global alliance of more than 700 organizations, businesses, and thought leaders in 60 countries working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, waterways, and oceans, and the environment.”

We are so excited to be part of this wonderful coalition. We’ve been working for years to educate the public on the impacts of plastics in our environment and to our public health. Nationally, steps are being taken to ban the use of plastic bags, bottles, and microbeads.  We are working to educate individuals, organizations, and restaurants to stop the use of plastic straws, plastic bags, and plastic bottles.

Earth Ethics, Inc. is working with several groups in an effort to educate the public on the impacts of plastics in our environment and with our public health. Nationally, steps are being taken to ban the use of plastic bags, bottles, and microbeads. We are working to educate individuals, organizations, and restaurants to stop the use of plastic straws, plastic bags, and plastic bottles.  Contact if your interested in helping with outreach and education efforts! Here are the Plastic Free July Tips for 2019. Plastic LESS July

What we are up to:

Our outreach and education campaign addresses plastic use and consumption, impacts to the environment, marine species, and public health.  We are working to educate individuals and restaurants to transition from using plastic straws, stirrers, and other single-use plastics.

To keep up to date on events, visit and like our Facebook page at

Let’s all do our part to take care of the environment and ourselves! Take a look at the newest edition of Pensacola Magazine! Learn more about single – use plastic and about Earth Ethics Plastic Campaign – around pages 109-111.

NWFL RobotSpot

“Northwest Florida Robot Spot, a club where local middle- and high-school aged home schoolers meet to learn about STEM, marketing, public speaking, graphic design, teamwork, technical writing, all while being tasked with a real-world problem that needs an inventive solution.  Organized and encouraged by their coach and mentors, the club is entirely student-led.  They create a fictitious company from the ground up including leadership roles, website design, logo design, tee-shirt design, and of course the design, engineering, and building of their machine that will be marketed as the best machine to buy in order to solve the problem at hand.”

More specifically, the NWFL Robot Spot is a team made up of 16 middle/high school students.  The group is involved in community outreach, educating the public about BEST Robotics and the themes they are challenged to learn about. They are the only home school team out of 30+ teams that will be competing at this year’s BEST Robotics Competition.  This year’s theme is about plastics in the ocean and recycling efforts. To learn more or donate visit

E.A.T.  Cat and Dog  Food Pantry

With $25,000 in seed money from the Pepsi Refresh Grant Program to start a food pantry for cats and dogs along the gulf coast, the  E.A.T. Cat and Dog Food Pantry Program provides assistance to families in need from having to relinquish their pets due to financial constraints. In addition, E.A.T. Cat and Dog Food Pantry Program assists those who take care of abandoned or stray cats.

Partners in this effort include, Junior Humane Society, Mobile SPCA (Alabama), Hotel for Dogs & Cats, Animal Rescue Fund (Mississippi), and Emerald Coast Animal Allies.

The program is sustained through monetary or dry food donations. To make a monetary donation, please visit the donate page of this website. If you want to donate dry food, email

As part of our animal advocacy work, we belief in the promotion of Humane Education.  Humane education teaches us how to instill compassion, integrity, and respect while examining the challenges facing our planet, from human oppression/social justice issues, and animal exploitation to materialism and ecological degradation.

It enables us to find solutions to live ethically, sustainably, and peaceably with everyone: not just our friends and neighbors, but all people; not just our own dogs and cats, but all animals; not just our own homes, but also the earth itself, our ultimate home.

As always, if you are interested in learning more or in volunteering to support these endeavors, please email us at