Plastic Free July 2018 and getting ready for July 2019!

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Plastic Free July 2018 was July 1 through July 31st. We will be promoting Plastic Free July in 2019 as well. Learn how you can help by contacting us at

More than 6 out of 10 of us are already refusing plastic shopping bags, avoiding pre-packed fruit and veg, picking up other people’s litter and avoiding buying bottled water, but we can always do more, right?

Choosing to be part of the solution, you can act by:

Avoiding products in plastic packaging (choose alternatives)

Reducing where possible (opt for refills, remember your reusable shopping bags)

Refusing plastics that escape as litter (e.g. straws, takeaway cups, utensils, balloons)

Recycling what cannot be avoided

Inspiring Short Videos from Plastic Free July

Beth Terry Tedx Talk (12 mins) Living Plastic-Free. Beth Terry, the founder of My Plastic Free Life, shares her story of plastic free living. In it she explains the moment that made her stop and change direction, her experience so far and her tips and tricks on reducing her plastic consumption…view

Jeff Kirschner Ted Talk (6 mins) The App That Makes It Fun to Pick Up Litter. The earth is a big place to keep clean. With Litterati – an app for users to identify, collect and geotag the world’s litter – TED Resident Jeff Kirschner has created a community that’s crowdsource-cleaning the planet. After tracking trash in more than 100 countries, Kirschner hopes to use the data he’s collected to work with brands and organizations to stop litter before it reaches the ground….view

Lindsay Miles Tedx Talk (12 mins) The Non-Disposable Life. How many things you throw away are designed to be used only once? Could you live well without using any disposable items? Lindsay Miles, founder of Treading My Own Path, put it to the test….view

​Plastic Oceans (Catalyst) (12 mins) May make you feel sick to the stomach but if you care about your own health and you like the odd bit of seafood this is essential viewing…view the trailer.

Story of Stuff (Bottled Water) (8 mins) The Story of Bottled Water, employs the Story of Stuff style to tell the story of manufactured demand — how you get Americans to buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week when it already flows from the tap. Over five minutes, the film explores the bottled water industry’s attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmental-themed advertising to cover up the mountains of plastic waste it produces…view

Story of Stuff (Microfibres) (3 mins) Most of us wear synthetic fabrics like polyester every day. Our dress shirts, yoga pants, fleeces, and even underwear are all increasingly made of synthetic materials — plastic, in fact. But these synthetic fabrics, from which 60% of all clothing on earth is made, have a big hidden problem: when they’re washed, they release tiny plastic bits — called microfibers — that flow down our drains, through water treatment plants, and out into our rivers, lakes and oceans by the billions….view

Recommended Reads from Plastic Free July

Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Habit and How You Can Too – Author: Beth Terry

Beth Terry, creator of plastic-free living website My Plastic Free Life, shares the story of her path to a life filled with less plastic and more harmony. Anyone who reads this book will certainly be motivated to follow her lead.

Coming Home to Eat: Wholefood for the Family – Author: Jude Blereau

Jude Blereau’s mission is to get us all eating wholesome, high-nutrition, home-cooked food at every meal. That’s a big ask, given Australians seem to be happy to waddle in ever greater numbers along the road to obesity and its related health woes. The recipes attempt plastic free cooking.

How to Shop, Store & Cook Without Plastic – Author: Jude Blereau

Jude is a natural foods chef, author, food coach cooking teacher and real food activist who has been involved with the organic and wholefoods industry for 18 years. She shares tips on shopping, storing and cooking plastic free.

Plastic: A Toxic Love Story – Author: Susan Freinkel

Plastic built the modern world. Where would we be without bike helmets, baggies, toothbrushes, and pacemakers? But a century into our love affair with plastic, we’re starting to realize it’s not such a healthy relationship. Journalist Susan Freinkel points out in this engaging and eye-opening book, we’re nearing a crisis point. We’ve produced as much plastic in the past decade as we did in the entire twentieth century. We’re drowning in the stuff, and we need to start making some hard choices.

That’s a Wrap: Practical Tips, Tricks and Inspiration for Living Plastic-Free – Author: Lindsay Miles

“That’s a Wrap” is an eGuide divided into 8 chapters written by Lindsay Miles, one of the original participants of Plastic Free July and author of blog Treading My Own Path. It’s packed full of practical tips, tricks and inspiration for living with a lot less (or even a little less!) plastic. Fun to read, easy to understand and beautiful to look at, this isn’t a guide of what to buy, or where to shop. It’s all about HOW.

Zero Waste Home – Author: Bea Johnson

Bea shares the story of how she simplified her life by reducing her waste. This book shares essential how-to advice, secrets, and insights based on Bea’s experience. She demystifies the process of going Zero Waste with hundreds of easy tips for sustainable living that even the busiest people can integrate: from making your own mustard, to packing kids’ lunches without plastic, to canceling your junk mail, to enjoying the holidays without the guilt associated with over consumption.

Check out our Plastic Campaign page to get even more details on how you can go plastic free not only for July, but forever! Check out our calendar for events.

Stay tuned for Plastic Free July 2019, Plastic Free Tuesdays, and Plastic Bag Free Day!

Also, if you weren’t able to join us for our events in July, August or September, don’t worry, we have other events being coordinated now!