Florida Conservation Coalition

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Earth Ethics is now an affiliate of the Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC). Being an affiliate means that our organization agrees and supports the FCC’s mission. To learn more about FCC visit, To learn about Earth Ethics and Earth Action, visit

Right now, FCC and their affiliates are trying to rally folks to attend local legislative meetings are hosting and share our message. We want the Legislature to allocate the largest share of Amendment One funds to Florida’s land conservation programs. To learn more about this initiative visit,

The legislative delegation meeting is OCTOBER 16, 2017 ~ 5:30 Santa Rosa County at
Pensacola State College South Santa Rosa Center, 5075 Gulf Breeze Parkway.

For more information about upcoming Santa Rosa County meetings, visit the link below

Want to be a voice for the cause? Contact me!

Example Comment:

“The conservation of Florida’s natural areas and recreational lands is one of the most important things we can do to protect Florida’s environment and economy for present and future generations. The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment, passed by 75% of voters, was intended to restore funding for land conservation.

From 2015-2018, less than 4% of dollars from the Amendment have been allocated to land conservation statewide. I urge you to reverse this trend and support legislation that annually dedicates the largest share of funds from the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to land conservation programs including the Florida Forever priority list, Rural and Family Lands Protection Program, and Florida Communities Trust program.”